New Priorities in Real Estate: Price Takes the Lead

The real estate market has always emphasized the importance of location when searching for a dream home. However, a recent nationwide survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Realty unveils a surprising revelation – price now takes precedence over location for more consumers. The survey indicates that 56% of respondents prioritize price, while only 50% prioritize location. Interestingly, this trend is more pronounced among women, with 60% prioritizing price compared to 48% of men.

This shift in consumer priorities sets the stage for significant changes in this year’s real estate market. The majority of surveyed consumers (56%) believe that the real estate landscape will either improve or remain stable in 2024 compared to 2023. Furthermore, the survey highlights a noteworthy change in behavior among potential home sellers. 39% of respondents planning to sell their homes in the future expressed a desire to relocate to a different city after the sale, compared to only 19% in 2022.

When considering ideal home locations, a significant 32% of respondents expressed a preference for residing in the South. This regional preference signals positive prospects for the Sarasota-Manatee real estate market, which boasts an abundance of desirable properties. Florida, in general, has consistently remained the top moving destination in the United States for several years.

In terms of home style and size, the survey reveals that nearly half (49%) of consumers prefer mid-sized houses with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms. Ranch-style homes captured the top spot as the preferred design choice, accounting for 13% of responses, closely followed by Modern Contemporary at 11%.

To gain insight into the influence of social media on homebuying preferences, the survey explored this aspect as well. Results show that social media has a significant impact on the preferences of 64% of consumers aged 18-24, while only 16% of those aged 55 and above are influenced by these platforms. Additionally, 43% of all respondents have been somewhat or highly influenced by social media when it comes to their desire to purchase a specific type of home. Among luxury consumers, this figure rises dramatically to 73%.

Different age groups were found to be influenced by various social media platforms. The younger demographic (18-24) showed a higher likelihood of being influenced by TikTok (68%), whereas those aged 55 and above were more likely to be influenced by Facebook (54%).

Lastly, the survey reveals that an overwhelming 58% of consumers consider their homes as assets to be passed down to their child(ren). Given the substantial investment that real estate represents in an individual’s life, having a plan in place is of utmost importance.

As the residential real estate market continues to evolve, with fluctuations in interest rates, supply, demand, and prices, the role of real estate professionals becomes increasingly vital. Their guidance and expertise are crucial in navigating the homebuying and selling process. While the market may always be subject to change, the ultimate reward for consumers lies in finding and living in their dream homes.

房地产市场一直强调选择理想住房时地理位置的重要性。然而,Coldwell Banker Realty最近进行的一项全国调查揭示了一个惊人的发现 – 对于更多的消费者来说,价格现在比地理位置更重要。调查显示,56%的受访者将价格作为首要考虑因素,而只有50%的人将地理位置置于首位。有趣的是,这种趋势在女性中更为明显,60%的女性将价格放在首位,而男性只有48%。








– Coldwell Banker Realty: Coldwell Banker Realty是一家房地产公司。
– real estate market: 房地产市场。
– consumer priorities: 消费者优先考虑因素。
– real estate landscape: 房地产市场形势。
– home sellers: 房屋卖家。
– relocate: 迁居。
– home locations: 住房位置。
– South: 南方地区。
– Sarasota-Manatee real estate market: 萨拉索塔-曼尼特房地产市场。
– mid-sized houses: 中型住宅。
– bedrooms: 卧室。
– bathrooms: 浴室。
– Ranch-style homes: 平房风格的住宅。
– Modern Contemporary: 现代风格。
– social media: 社交媒体。
– homebuying preferences: 购房偏好。
– luxury consumers: 豪华消费者。
– assets: 资产。
– residential real estate market: 住宅房地产市场。
– interest rates: 利率。
– supply: 供应。
– demand: 需求。
– prices: 价格。
– real estate professionals: 房地产专业人士。

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