The Global Real Estate Market Soared to New Heights

A Turkish real estate firm, Trem Global, has announced that the global real estate and infrastructure market reached a remarkable milestone in 2023, surpassing a value of $365.51 trillion. Despite geopolitical tensions and economic fluctuations worldwide, the real estate sector has maintained its strength and resilience. Drawing on the Precedence Research findings, Trem Global’s statement on Thursday confirms the continued growth of the market.

In the past year, several factors have contributed to the market’s expansion, especially in the residential segment. The rise of co-living spaces, an increasing emphasis on digitalization in real estate transactions, and a greater focus on sustainable development have emerged as prominent trends. Moreover, major investments in tourism and infrastructure in the Middle East have propelled the growth of the global real estate market.

Türkiye, with its dynamic economy and diverse real estate options, stands out as an attractive destination for both foreign and domestic investors. Murat Meric, deputy general manager of sales at Trem Global, highlights that Türkiye’s competitive advantage in the international real estate market is continually increasing. Throughout 2022 and 2023, investors from 52 different nationalities led the way in investing in Türkiye. Looking ahead to 2024, the demand is expected to predominantly come from western countries, adding further diversity to Türkiye’s real estate market and fostering innovation in the sector.

The ongoing surge in international investment plays a pivotal role in shaping the real estate markets. Various factors like conflicts and natural disasters lead to population loss, creating a demand for migration to countries that offer economic opportunities, quality education, and a high standard of living. In 2024, it is predicted that the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Türkiye, and the United Arab Emirates will be among the countries that experience the most immigration. Consequently, while the demand for real estate increases in these immigrant countries, a decrease in demand is expected in the countries that experience emigration.

Türkiye remains a compelling choice for international investors in 2024, thanks to its strategic geographical location, rising tourism statistics, diverse real estate ecosystem, and favorable climate advantages. The real estate sector is poised to undergo significant transformation in the coming years, paving the way for a smart, sustainable, and diverse future.

土耳其房地产公司Trem Global宣布,到2023年,全球房地产和基础设施市场达到了令人瞩目的里程碑,总价值超过365.51万亿美元。尽管世界范围内存在地缘政治紧张局势和经济波动,但房地产行业仍然保持了其实力和弹性。根据Precedence Research的调查结果,Trem Global在周四的声明中确认了市场的持续增长。


土耳其以其充满活力的经济和多样化的房地产选择而成为一个吸引外国和国内投资者的地方。Trem Global的销售副总经理穆拉特·梅里奇强调,土耳其在国际房地产市场上的竞争优势不断增长。在2022年和2023年,来自52个不同国籍的投资者在土耳其投资领域引领潮流。展望2024年,需求预计主要来自西方国家,进一步增加土耳其房地产市场的多样性,并促进该行业的创新。



– global real estate and infrastructure market: 全球房地产和基础设施市场
– geopolitical tensions: 地缘政治紧张局势
– resilience: 弹性
– co-living spaces: 共享居住空间
– digitalization: 数字化
– sustainable development: 可持续发展
– Middle East: 中东地区
– attractive destination: 有吸引力的目的地
– competitive advantage: 竞争优势
– diversity: 多样性
– international investment: 国际投资
– population loss: 人口流失
– migration: 移民
– economic opportunities: 经济机会
– quality education: 优质教育
– standard of living: 生活水平
– climate advantages: 气候优势
– transformation: 转型
– smart, sustainable, and diverse future: 智能、可持续和多元化的未来

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