Exploring the Latest Trends in the Appraisal Industry

In this engaging episode of The Appraisal Buzzcast, host Hal Humphreys engages in an insightful conversation with Kevin Hecht, a highly experienced Appraisal Training and Development Manager and Real Estate Economist from McKissock. The conversation revolves around the current state of the market and the anticipated trends in the near future. While the real estate market seems to be on an upward trajectory this spring across the nation, there haven’t been any significant changes in interest rates to note.

The discussion delves into the challenges faced by appraisers when it comes to supporting adjustments for the Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). These challenges have proven to be a sticking point for many, and Kevin Hecht provides invaluable insights into how appraisers can effectively navigate and address these issues in their appraisals.

As a testament to his expertise, Kevin Hecht will be teaching the highly sought-after 7-Hour USPAP Update course at the upcoming Valuation Expo on Monday, August 19th. Additionally, he will be a featured speaker on the Supporting Adjustments panel on Wednesday, August 21st. Appraisers attending both events will have the unique opportunity to earn up to 21 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits, making it an event not to be missed.

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在这一期引人入胜的《The Appraisal Buzzcast》节目中,主持人Hal Humphreys与来自McKissock的高级经验评估培训和发展经理兼房地产经济学家Kevin Hecht进行了深入交谈。对话围绕着目前市场的状态以及未来趋势展开。尽管房地产市场似乎在全国范围内今年春季处于上升阶段,但利率方面并没有明显变化值得注意。

讨论探讨了评估师在支持政府支持企业(GSEs)的调整方面面临的挑战。这些挑战对许多人来说一直是一个争议点,Kevin Hecht提供了宝贵的见解,告诉评估师如何在评估中有效地解决和应对这些问题。

作为他专业知识的证明,Kevin Hecht将在即将举行的Valuation Expo上教授备受追捧的7小时《USPAP更新课程》,时间是8月19日星期一。此外,他还将在8月21日星期三的“支持调整”讨论小组中担任主讲人。参加这两个活动的评估师将有独特机会获得高达21个继续教育(CE)学分,这是一个不容错过的活动。

《The Appraisal Buzzcast》对于评估行业的专业人士来说是必听的。每周,我们带给您与行业领导者和专家的引人而又富有信息量的对话,为您提供有关当前事件和影响我们领域的主题的宝贵见解。确保订阅并开启通知,这样您就永远不会错过每个周三的首播。

注册参加Valuation Expo,抓住机会扩展您的知识,与同行专业人士建立联系,并及时了解评估行业的最新趋势。立即在https://www.valuationexpo.com/进行注册。

– Appraisal: 评估
– Appraiser: 评估师
– Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs): 政府支持企业
– Continuing Education (CE) credits: 继续教育学分

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